Every Christmas I used to paint a card for every person on my list. Watercolors dry very quickly and I could do 3 or 4 a night. You might think that it seems like a lot of work, but it was a very relaxing way to pass some time after putting the little ones to bed at night. Upon purchasing a computer, I still paint a Christmas card each year, but only one and through the power of graphics, a printer and card paper for printers and send that out. Also when I have the time, on other occasions during the year, I like to paint cards to accompany a gift. I may not be Hallmark, but I sure believe in a personal touch!

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"Wise Men Still Seek Him"

"A Little Girl with Books"

"Making Snow Angels"

"Christmas Stockings"

"Her Home"
In the private collection of
Wendy Shepherd


"Mother's Day"

"Winter Scene"



"Mountain Bike Race"

"Christmas Snow"

"Cal Gets the Ball"

"Christmas 2001 "

"Davis at Bat"

In the private collection of
Mike Shepherd


"Plaza Real "

"Porch Christmas "