This is a park in Howard County Maryland with 325 acres and a beautiful lake. There are alse tennis courts, and many ballfields.Some areas of the park have been designed to preserve the wildlife habitat and improve conservation. The pond in the Nature Preserve prevents sediment from flowing into the lake. The wetlands, islands, and lake blocked by the buoy line provide a protected Wildlife Area. Here, fish have a safe spawning area and waterfowl have an undisturbed place to build nests.




The trails upon arrival were lovely. I enjoyed them more than the ones by the lake.

It was a warm spring day. Laura and Shelby clutch their waters tightly.
The blossoms were everywhere!

We rested at one of their pavillions.

Another tree in bloom.

The girls pose with the daffodils.


Laura near the tennis courts.

A small playground for the girls...

...while Miquel plays tennis!

Another impressive shot by Miquel.

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