Downs Park

Situated on Chesapeake Bay, Downs Park offers a variety of natural and recreational activities throughout its 231 acres. Pavilion rentals and weddings in "Mother's Garden" are available in season. Popular with bicyclists and walkers, Downs Park offers more than five miles of paved and natural trails. A youth group camping area is available for organized youth groups. Volunteers play a very important role in the success of Downs Park. The park property has a rich history which has been preserved by the Downs Park Historical Society. We chose a crisp autumn day for our trek. Click on the thumbnails for a larger picture to view.

Once parked, you climb a little hill and you can see the Chesapeake Bay.

A view to the right.

A view looking to our left.

Leaving the water we head to the woods.

A view of the bay re-emerges from the trees.

A swampy lagoon displays fall's colors.

A view from higher up.

Miquel takes a rest among the fallen leaves.

Laura poses on a stump.

The children walk ahead and the scene created is lovely.

We make it all the way around and we are back to the bay where we spot a boat.

Laura examines the plant life by the shore.

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