Only a few miles from our home is Kinder Farm Park. It's one of my favorites for a walk. The children like to take their bikes. There is a 2 and half mile trail that suits me perfectly.

Kinder Farm Park is 288 acres in size and offers a wide array of recreational and leisure opportunities for the community. There are soccer and baseball fields. All of this is built around what used to be a farm, and the park rangers keep it well preserved.

Laura, here only 5, just learning to ride her bike with training wheels.

A vigilant papa runs alongside Laura.

Miquel takes a tumble as Laura waits ahead.

Laura's turn to have a spill.

My favorite corner at Kinder. The lights and shadows always catch my artist's eye.

Kinder gives all kinds of colors!

Papa gives Laura a push up a hill.

So many parts of Kinder Park is still so very wild and untouched.

This tree caught my fascination.

The silos that once was park of the farm.

Once again, another view of the silos in the distance.

Near coming full circle, a field lush and green.

Strugging up another hill.

Miquel shrugs his shoulders as he sees the large skidmarks his bike made.

Coming to the end of our 2 and half mile hike, the sun sets on Kinder.

Back where we started from.

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