Just a few miles from our home is Lake Waterford Park. The park is 108 acres of diverse recreational and natural areas. There is a 12-acre lake where you may enjoy observing the waterfowl or doing a little shoreline fishing. Lake Waterford offers a large picnic area for open picnicking for groups up to 20 people and 3 pavilions that can be reserved in advance for larger groups. The park is best known for its imaginative playground nestled in the picnic area. Additional activities available in the park would be tennis, basketball, football, softball and some natural trails for hiking.

The lake is a fabulous place to hike around.

In autumn it gives us such splendid colors.

The ducks are always a main attraction with the little ones.

...but the BIGGEST attraction is the PLAYGROUND!

Hiding, climbing, playing tag...there are so many things they can do!

Miquel poses for me on a quiet day at the park.

Laura tries a few new things each time we go.

Laura has the balancing well learned!
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