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One thing I really and truly enjoy is grabbing my camera and heading out for a Park in or near Maryland where I am from.
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I love all kinds of music, to listen to it, to play it on the piano and definitely to collect it!.
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A little about me...

Hi, my name is Barb, more on my nickname "Xerraire" below.

I live in Maryland, USA.

I do web and graphic design. I love music, art, reading, cooking, photography, nature, hiking, practicing what is left of my Spanish, and I love to explore new things.


I have such a wide range of interests I can't possibly keep up with them all. Perhaps this is one reason I like homeschooling, it keeps me constantly educated and updated and broadens my horizons and feeds my constant craving for more knowledge. I love to learn.

I like travel. I have lived in Spain, visited Netherlands, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Iceland. Recently I took my daughter to Australia!I also like short day trip outings and exploring my surroundings.

My Children...

Enric, Miranda, Silas & Rubí

Graduates of Northland Baptist Bible college. Silas and Baby Rubí!



A handful since the moment he was born, this energetic dynamo likes Sports, Music (he's in a band, Embers For Ashes) and he works full time at CVS.


A bright and clever girl also likes to take photos with her new Nikon, has fun on her laptop, plays soccer,likes swimming, going to the mall, and staying very busy with her friends.

A catalan word meaning 'talkative'. Seemed like a good nickname at the time I chose it, and it has sure stuck. When I went to get a domain with that name in it, I was told it would never stick, butyou know - it has.
trip to Spain where I got the nick from

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