In 1998 we returned, after three years away, to Spain. This time was different as not only would we be sightseeing and visiting family, we were to meet in person a great group of people that I, as "Xerraire" had met on the internet.
Here we are at Dulles Airport lined up to board 10 pieces of luggage and two mountain bikes onto the plane.

Barcelona Airport
Sabadell - A Casa-
Sabadell - Casa de Pepe
i Marta

Sabadell - Pepe's Birthday
Barcelona - Plaça St Jaume
Barcelona - Plaça Reial
Barcelona - Ramblas
Barcelona - Parc Guell
Sabadell - La Llar
Barcelona - Camp Nou
Sabadell - Noemí
Cerdanyola - Casa Antonio
Cerdanyola - Casa Andreu
Sabadell - Victor Colomer
Badalona - Casa Kiko
Petra Arrives
Barcelona - Montjuich
Barcelona - Surprise Dinner
Sabadell - Boys Birthday
Barcelona - Casa Andreus
Sabadell - Farewells

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