Barcelona Airport
Sabadell - A Casa
Sabadell - Casa de Pepe i Marta
Sabadell - Pepe's Birthday
Barcelona - Plaça St Jaume
Barcelona - Plaça Reial
Barcelona - Ramblas
Barcelona - Parc Guell
Sabadell - La Llar
Barcelona - Camp Nou
Sabadell - Noemí
Cerdanyola - Casa Antonio
Cerdanyola - Casa Andreu
Sabadell - Victor Colomer
Badalona - Casa Kiko
Petra Arrives
Barcelona - Montjuich
Barcelona - Surprise Dinner
Sabadell - Boys Birthday
Barcelona - Casa Andreus
Sabadell - Farewells



One grand feature of the trip was that along with meeting so many new friends, part way through our stay, my beloved "sister" Petra decided to meet up with us! She and her daughter Leoni stayed for a few days. We took her to all the sites.......

First thing was getting fed, Spanish style!

Instant raport with Marta and Pepe, good thing, they had invited Petra and Leoni to stay with them!

The children ate in the living area, communicating as best they could!

Our old hangout, La LLar!

A train ride into Barcelona

First stop after breakfast, Canaletas, a fountain that has a story with it...if you drink from it, you will return to Barcelona.

Miquel and Laura
also drink from it!

Some of the entertainment
in the Ramblas

Enric and Laura, a little chilly on the Ramblas

I always love the charm of the Gothic Quater

Scaling the walls of centuries old buildings.

Leoni also enjoyting the Gothic Quarter

Ice cream at the Gothic Quater!
Leoni looked forward to palm trees for the whole trip, even drawing pictures of them in the airplane ride over! She was enchanted with Plaza Real.
At the end of the Ramblas is the Christopher Columbus statue. The children had fun climbing around the base of the statue!

On the Ramblas Miquel got his name artistically made up into a banner.

We took a boat ride to......

.....the breakwaters!

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