Xerraire Home

Welcome to my studio.

Paella pan, I love Spanish cuisine!

Welcome to Xerraire.com, my virtual home for my adventures in Web & Graphic Design, Photography, Portraits, Watercolor Art, and other web services by Barbara Lopez Dolphin. I freelance in design for your website, graphics, and watercolor art.

sketch of Barb

I started this site in 1999, they said it would never catch on, so glad I didn’t listen, it has changed a lot over the years but it’s been a remarkable journey.


When I am not at my desk, you can find me:

  • reading my Bible, studying and learning God’s Word
  • behind my camera
  • painting with watercolors: a few are >> Here
  • teaching myself Russian, French, Dutch, and brushing up on my Spanish
  • immersed in my family tree on Ancestry
  • orchid hunting
  • cooking my favorites from Catal├ín cuisine
  • on a rugged Australian dirt road, probably chasing a sunset
  • Organizing my house(s)
  • Playing with AI graphics at NightCafe
  • Teaching History to my grandson.
  • Making Graphics for MarkCahill.org