Sketch of BarbHere you will find my online portfolio listing various works.

Hello and welcome to my portfolio. I am a self-taught Web and Graphic Designer. I work out of my home, where ever that might be at the time. My home office can be in Maryland, USA, or Perth, Western Australia. This type of set-up helps me keep costs to a minimum. This is great for small businesses and those just starting out. My clients find me easy to contact in spite of my nomadic existence.arrow

Included in this portfolio is a list of my projects:

  • Web Design, (some WordPress based such as this one)
  • Watercolor commissions
  • Graphic design
  • Portrait  & Event Photography

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

WordPress Based Websites Web Design
Watercolor Art & Graphic Design Photography | Portraits

More to come.

More to come.