Barcelona Airport
Sabadell - A Casa
Sabadell - Casa de Pepe i Marta
Sabadell - Pepe's Birthday-
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Sabadell - Victor Colomer
Badalona - Casa Kiko
Petra Arrives
Barcelona - Montjuich
Barcelona - Surprise Dinner
Sabadell - Boys Birthday
Barcelona - Casa Andreus
Sabadell - Farewells

My favorite Sabadell Street
"Calle Pedregar"

Our first few days were
spent in Sabadell





After piling all our luggage into three cars,
we get to know our new friends at Enric's
parents house in Sabadell.

Kiko later in the week stopped in to see
us again, bringing his lovely wife, Monse,
as we did not get to meet her the first day.

It was so wonderful to finally know in
personthe man who I had teamed up
with on our story page, and he was
everything I expected and more!


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