38 KM from Barcelona appears what seems to be a freak of nature, the mountain range of Montserrat. 1,236 meters above sea level, my two Enrics decided they were going to ride their mountain bikes up the trecherous road that twists up this needle peeked range to the Monastery also called Montserrat, named for the Virgin that many believe made an appearance here.

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Montserrat, from the Village of
Monistrol, a memorable place for us, as we hiked from the country house to here one day, some 8 KM walk, (and 8 back) .
Mostly we took the car, but at the size of the beer mugs here, was less perilous to walk!

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Marta and Pepe, upon arriving to the parking place, being of like minds with the children and me, preferred to reach the monestery by our rented van. Which based on the deadly "s" curves our huge van had to take to get there, was enough adventure for me!

Laura took advantage of Pepe's love of children to insist she travel the easy way!

The Enrics reach the monestary. They both agreed it was not as difficult as they thought it would be. (They did train prior to coming to Spain).

Pepe takes a picture of Marta, the children and I. Its a favorite of mine.

Marta snaps Pepe and I inside the Monestery.

Laura and Miquel were full of questions, perhaps even "spooked" by the culture that makes up Montserrat. They did not understand praying to statues and lighting candles. I grabbed a pic of her when she didn't look so sure she wanted to be here, hehe.

Anywhere we went if there was a gift shop, we were there! Here from one of the gift shops, I snap a photo of the Monestery.

Looking up to some of the peaks, I know later in the day, we will climb higher!

Miquel, won the affection of Marta and Pepe in a special way.

Enric still looking fresh, even after his bike ride.

As we made our way up to one of the peaks of Montserrat we saw this sign that said to get to the peak of San (saint) Miquel it would take 50 minutes by foot. We told Miquel to stand there 50 minutes, he would achieve "sainthood"

Miquel decides the path upwards is too easy, perhaps a climb scaling the side of the mountain would be better!

Perhaps easier than Miquel's method, but not so easy for me, (I am skiddish on rides) we take the Funicular de Sant Joan up the way partially. Even with this transport, there will be more walking.

Each needle typed peak has a name.

Marta and Pepe

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