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The bell in the church
tower rings the hour.


The view of Lascuarre that is so enchanting to me. I spent a few weekends here, and this was the view from the balcony.

Lascuarre's entrance to the narrow roads that make up the village of Lascuarre.

Cousin Joseret at his doorway.

Yaya near where we stayed with Laura and Miquel.

A view of Yaya off to meet with childhood girlfriends.

At Lolas house the children got to pick and then learn how to crack open fresh almonds.

A view that took my breath away outside our apartment.

Our view from our window down to the villagers below.

The other side of the street from our apartment.

Enric prepared for a day's excursion on bike.

One of my favorite strees to look upon in Lascuarre.

Laura washes rocks at the local water fountain.

The children and I walk around Lascuarre while the men go mountain biking.

They pose nice!

We trekked up to the church

Miquel poses for a view up the church.
Tia Maria joins us in our walk.

Saying goodbye to family and loved ones.

Goodbyes are not easy and never short!

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