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It had to come. Good things always end. The time came for our final night in Spain. Some of our new friends stopped in...Amazing, in such a short time how close we became. Kiko and Montse arrived with presents for the children...and enough cosmetics for me to last a lifetime. I haven't yet decided if they think I look old for my age, or if they like my looks so much, they wish me to preserve them. (hehe) Marta and Pepe.....Antonio and Mariluz...all stopped in. Good byes were tearful, promising to stay in touch, call, and return visits.


Kiko and Laura really bonded. Here he gives her a book, "Where's Wally"

The book was a real crowd pleaser.

All look on...knowing new friendships have been deeply formed...and separation was just something physical.

Mariluz gives us lessons on how to hold the castenets as Antonio looks on.

Photo taken by Marta Valls
I think I will reflect on this trip for years to come. Petra said it best the night of the surprise dinner...."Look what you've done, Barb" I wasn't aware I had done anything. She continued, "Because of you, one person, you have brought an entire group of people together, scattered from all over Spain, me and Leoni from Holland...and its like we have all always known each other. Only YOU could do something like that." I am not so sure, but Petra has known me a long time, and lived with me, and seen my genuine love to be with others. Perhaps she had a point, in all my goofyness, I did manage to bring a group of people together, that otherwise never would have known one another...and its been a good thiing for all!

A lot has changed since this trip, we are in contact with most of the people, by e-mail or by phone. Marta and Pepe came to our home one summer and stayed, so we could repay some of the hospitality they had shown us. Some goodbyes were so hard. Gatet (Kiko) and Xerraire in tears, at the airport (He gave us a lift there)....Hugging Marta so tight in Sabadell, never wishing to let go. And of course, good byes to my in-laws, seeing them once again separate from the grandchildren...there are times I curse the width of the Atlantic...its always separating me from who I love.

Farewell, fins aviat.

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