February 2003
What's new?

Snow, snow and more snow!

A few weeks before Christmas it started, then we had a White Christmas, and following that, our area had a relentless amount of snow! But that apparently was just the prelude the the record amount of snowfall we got one weekend this February!! Click on the little snowbird image to the right to see Constant Friendship's view of "the Blizzard of 2003"!
Maryland's Governor had to restrict driving by executive order, everything shut down, including churches on Sunday! Roofs collapsed under the weight of the 3 feet of snow and higher amounts in drifts! Schools closed for a week!

» HERE about our worse snow storm since 1871!

The Blizzard of 2003! CLICK HERE!

What else is new?
Stacey's Keepsakes
Finds on the Net!

Seems I am always busy on the web...have a look!

I still have been having a go at Terragen (that 3D world rendering program!) I added a few new ones, check out Mt. St Helens, Islands in the Sun, Dual Rivers, and Bug Sur » HERE

Also, I added a few of my newer watercolors. "Village by the Brook", "Pump and Pansies", "Red Suspenders" and "Lets Do Lunch!"
See them » HERE

My new digital camera and I are starting to finally get used to one another, here are a list of new photos I have uploaded:

»"Lamplight in Snow" in Experimental Photos

»"Sunrise" in Places

» A Few Birds that has come to visit us this winter in Animals

Recently my daughter was invited to a birthday party...not knowing the little girl very well, we didn't know what to get her as a present. Then I remembered "Stacey's Keepsakes" Stacey makes lovely, original and personalized bracelets for children and infants and each are made with a variety of imported glass, wood, and plastic beads. Visit Stacey's site»  HERE!

My daughter gave me a few suggestions for what she wanted this past Christmas, one of them was, as she put it. "Fake food, mama, for my kitchen!" I was having a hard time finding some that looked origial to me in the shops. I decided to peek on the net. What I found was rather interesting! See Fake Food with some rather not so fake prices!

Windows XP...I am enjoying its stability I must say, but learning its new ways from windows98 was a whole other story! You too? Here are some common questions and answers! HERE

Since starting Terragen, I am interested in seeing what others are doing, plus taking a look at what variety of 3D world programs are out there. I don't go here everyday, but I am always pleased with my visit! Have a look at the TerraCon Revolution! HERE

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