I did not formerly study watercolors for an extended period of time- only a few classes did I ever have. However its my all time favorite medium to work with. Most of what I do is experimental and learning self taught lessons, always trying new things. I hope you enjoy!
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"A Few Acres"

In the collection of Alex Perez, Israel


"Calle de Santander"
In the Collection of
Daniel Saura, Valencia, Spain

"Fishing by Waterfall"

"Give Thanks"
In the Collection of the Ruiz Family, Spain

"Kitty at Window"

"Winter's Glory"

"La Señorita"

"La Torre"

"Little Laura"

"Mike and Wendy"
In the Collection of the
Shepherds, Maryland, USA

"Morning Harbor"

"Navaho Sisters"

"Pink Fairy Orchid"
In the private collection of
John Dolphin, Perth, Australia

"Pueblo al Norte"

"Waiting to Play"
In the collection of Marta and Pepe
Calafi, Barcelona Spain

"She Loves to Read"
In the collection of Elisabeth Proffen,
Maryland, USA

"Warming by Window"

"Walking the Dogs"

"The Carolers"


"Barrio de Santa Cruz"

"Gumnut with Kite"
In the collection of John Dolphin
Perth, Ausralia

"Pump and Pansies"
In the collection of Mrs Juanita Bosley,
Pasadena, MD

"Village by the Brook "


"Red Suspenders "

"Lets Do Lunch"



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