January 2003
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Happy New Year! Hoping you and yours have a Blessed and Peaceful 2003!!

Recently Doreen
from Teknidermy.com asked me to do an interveiw. I thought it was to be just about MXskinz and skinning, I was pleaseed when it extended to my artwork as well! This was fun to do!

» Read the entire article, "Xerraire, the Talkative One"

Sharing cute pages I found on my little travels on the net!

» Mr Smarty Pants - Looking for a factoid on just about any subject? Do a single keyword search from Mr. Smarty Pants' subtotal of knowledge. Mr. Smarty Pants gets his information from books, magazines, newspapers, the internet, radio, and television

» City Creator - Are you a fan of Sim city? Well if so here�s a site for you. City Creator allows you to build cities online. You have a choice between Blankton and Snoland. One is a regular city, the other is full of snowy items.

What else is new?
Alex Perez
...More Finds on the Net!

Been rather busy on the web...have a look!

Laura, last newsletter, had her new website to show off, this month I put up a small one for my oldest son!

» See Enric's page here!

More new works on the web....

» New Look for Main Page
» New Look About Me
» Terragens by Xerraire -
Terragen is a work-in-progress scenery generator for Windows . At this stage of its development, and its FREE!
» Eek a Spider! - I added a super macro spider to my animal section in photography

Coming soon. A few new art pieces I need to post!

Last summer when I put up my photography page, an Artist I know, took notice of it and one photo in particular he liked, and asked if he could possibly use it as a base for a new painting of his. This was the second time he had asked me such a thing, another time he used a photograph of mine from Harpers Ferry. If you click on the thumbnail image of the painting, a larger version will appear in a new window. Or click here to see Alex Perez's "Barbara's Path"

» Click here to see other fine paintings of Alex Perez

» The Ultimate IQ Test! - You tell me your score, I will tell you mine (hehe) The most thorough and insightful IQ Test you can take online! It's free, it's private and it's developed by PhDs.

» FLIPALBUM creates wicked 3D page-flipping photo album instantly and automatically. ALL FUN! NO HASSLE! Get your FREE TRIAL DOWNLOAD!

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