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Last updated August 28, 2003,10:15 PM EDT

August Edition
Welcome to My New Look!
I was getting kind of tired of the old look on my newsletters!

Xerraire August Newsletter Whats new! My son Enric just left for a 1000 mile trip to Wisconsin to begin his trek for another year at college. Thank the Lord he made it there safely, as this was his first long trip ever! I am so relieved!
A Little About Enric

As I write this I have been busily book shopping and preparing for the coming school year. We will begin the day after Labor Day as is our usual.

Otter Point Creek - Anita C Leight Estuary Center


Research and education facility for the Chesapeake Bay National Esturarine Research Reserve in Maryland

As you know I love visiting Maryland Parks, and this time, Laura and I found a GEM. From the moment we parked the car we could see we were in butterfly heaven! We also spent time with the Naturalist there who was kind to answer all our questions. She also told us abut the Watershed Restoration for the Bush River Basin and the delvelopments they are making there.

See our visit here
The Official Site

Bowling Outing

Laura BowlingWe went with our Homeschool Group to a bowling outing. I was looking foward to this as I knew it was going to be Laura's first time bowling. The group all had fun, Miquel was top scorer!

The Group Bowling
Homeschooling Home Page

Need Bowling Supplies?
Speaking of bowling reminds me of Pat's site. His wife Anne Marie is a professional bowler, and together they have put together remarkable deals for bowling needs. Visit Bowling Ball Mall » HERE
Xerraire Recommends Corner
Peter Jenkin's A Walk Across America

Recently I was talking to someone regarding a book I had remembered reading years ago. I then promptly dug it up so that my son could read it.

Twenty-five years ago, a disillusioned young man set out on a walk across America. This is the book he wrote about that journey -- a classic account of the reawakening of his faith in himself and his country. "I started out searching for myself and my country," Peter Jenkins writes, "and found both." In this timeless classic, Jenkins describes how disillusionment with society in the 1970s drove him out onto the road on a walk across America. His experiences remain as sharp and telling today as they were twenty-five years ago -- from the timeless secrets of life, learned from a mountain-dwelling hermit, to the stir he caused by staying with a black family in North Carolina, to his hours of intense labor in Southern mills.

Many, many miles later, he learned lessons about his country and himself that resonate to this day -- and will inspire a new generation to get out, hit the road and explore.

Amazon.com link to this book

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Finds on the Net!

Greytata.com  Photography from Portugal (In Portuguese)
MIX 107.3  My favorite radio station (when Miquel lets me listen to it!)
Northland Baptist Bible College (Where Enric is going to school - if you click on promotional video, you can actually spot him!)
Interview With God.com - One of those touchy flash sites, but I liked it :)
Yes.net - This is an adorable concept! Ever listen to the radio and want to know who sung that song, or the song title that was just played? Now you can find out! Just go to Yes.net, find your city and the radio station you were listening to! The song that just played even up to hours before will be listed!