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Last updated October 23, 2003,8:15 PM EDT

October Edition
Welcome to My Newsletter!

Whats new! Both of my sons have birthdays this month! Enric was far away, so we had to just settle for long distance wishes! Enric turned 21!

Miiquel's birthday! He's now 14! Miquel celebrated in grand style with a party that lasted forever! First he went to Aunt Linda's and then the weekend came with teensspending the night and they never seemed to leave! It made it all the more fun for Miquel. Laura's birthday is next month, should I post her Amazon wish list? :)

He has his first job working for Coach Torres and is teaching children tennis at the Churchville Recreational Center. He just got his first paycheck too!

October Skies

October has long been my favorite month of the year. Usually the hot humid summers are replaced by a nice crisp and dry air. The nights are cool and the days warm with sun. Although I can remember the odd occasion Octobers go rainy, like going with Petra to Camp Glydon (she's going to like that reminder *smile*), mostly Octobers are perfect. The trees changing colors are at their peak in this part of Maryland around the end of the month. Typically, the skies are brilliant I hope you will have a look.

October Skies
Christmas Cards by.......Xerraire? YES!

Many know (and have received) a handpainted card by me at Christmastime. I've been told countless times I should market them. I really can't be bothered with the printers, shipping and hassle...but ZAZZLE took care of that for me!The image gallery is just getting started, but for how have a look at Xerraire's Cards!
See Xerraire's Cards » HERE

Xerraire Recommends Corner
Book by Bill Bryson - "In A Sunburned Country"

I am reading this extremely funny book about Australia. I recommend this but caution you to be ready to laugh so hard you cry!

The story of Bryson's exploits in Australia, where A-bombs go off unnoticed, prime ministers disappear into the surf, and cheery citizens coexist with the world's deadliest creatures: toxic caterpillars, aggressive seashells, crocodiles, sharks, snakes, and the deadliest of them all, the dreaded box jellyfish. And that's just the beginning, as Bryson treks through sunbaked deserts and up endless coastlines, crisscrossing the "under-discovered" Down Under in search of all things interesting.

When he isn't dodging Portuguese man-of-wars or considering the virtues of the remarkable platypus, he visits southwest Gippsland, home of the world's largest earthworms (up to 12 feet in length).

He finds ridiculous place names: "Mullumbimby Ewylamartup, Jiggalong, and the supremely satisfying Tittybong," and manages to catch a cricket game on the

radio, which is like listening to two men sitting in a rowboat on a large, placid lake on a day when the fish aren't biting; it's like having a nap without losing consciousness. It actually helps not to know quite what's going on. In such a rarefied world of contentment and inactivity, comprehension would become a distraction.

"You see," Bryson observes, "Australia is an interesting place. It truly is. And that really is all I'm saying." Of course, Bryson--who is as much a travel writer here as a humorist, naturalist, and historian--says much more, and does so with generous amounts of wit and hilarity. Australia may be "mostly empty and a long way away," but it's a little closer now. --Review by Rob McDonald

In a Sunburned Country
In a Sunburned Country

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