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Last updated February 12, 2004,7:00 PM EDT

February Edition
Welcome to My Newsletter!

Whats new! Well the Xerraire "empire" is growing. I just added another website to my list of those I own. Not very enchanted with updating MXskinz by hand any longer, I decided to try another way. I purchased and put up SkinsGallery.com so that members could upload their skins themselves, saving me a lot of work in the updates, and freeing my time for other parts of MXskinz. Visit Skins Gallery!

Love is in the air, and just in time for Valentine's Day. My son just called me today to tell me he officially seeing someone at Northland. Her name is Miranda, and I talked with her today on the phone, and she sounds very sweet. And now they are both likely mortified I have just announced it on the world wide web. Moms can be so wicked!

On a serious note, Enric has devoted some of his college time to a prison ministry which he explained as a very interesting experience, and he is so glad he got the chance to do so. Enric also took the tough job as extension leader ministry for his group.Miranda is scheduled on a mission trip to Mexico this summer.

I would like to know where I was when the Jeff HealyBand came on the scene! I love, live, breath
and eat music and I had never heard of this group! Just recently made known to me, (thanks, John), I can't stop listening to this great blues band, which has a style of their own, but could also be compared to that of Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Jeff Healy, blind from eye cancer since age one, and picked up his first guitar at age three, started playing with the instrument in his lap and it has now become his trademark.

My personal favorites are: See the Light, Angel Eyes, Blue Jean Blues, their version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Cruel Little Number, My Kind of Lover...oh, I just like them all! If you get a chance, you have to grab some of his music!

Jeff Healy Band Website

Xerraire Recommends Corner

My Corkboard

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Finds on the Net!

  • Enchanted Ceiling - This is a site about one of my favorite subjects, skies! Have a look, its just loaded with breathtaking skies, clouds, night skies, sunsets, and sunrises.I put a few of my own in their gallery, too! See mine HERE

  • Sidewalk Paintings - These are all drawings done on sidewalks...so keep in mind the surfaces are FLAT, but they sure don't look it!