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Last updated October 17, 2004,7:00 PM EDT

October Edition
Welcome to My Newsletter!

Whats new! Always something new.

School is well in swing, with Laura and Miiquel doing tremendously well. They have very full schedules with the usual subjects and adding the extras like: computers, graphics, Catalan, Spanish, tennis (of course), and piano.

Enric, at Northland says his grades are good, and was worried about Greek class, but says that he is getting high marks. Also, Enric and his beloved, Miranda, have announced their engagement, they are to be married this June.

Miquel keeps up with his tennis and keeps impressing others, This month, he turned 15. He had a party that lasted two days!

Laura has even started helping me at Skins Gallery, which now has 2525 members as of this date and it grows steadily.

Unique Exposures, my photo sharing site, now has over 300 members and it has become like a sweet family. A comfortable place to gather and share talents.

"Engagement Status"

Enric's school sure does things differently from most. In order to take Miranda out on a 'date' he had to request engagement status, which they did. As one way of making it official, they had some engagement photos taken. Enric was beaming right through the phone telling me that they were allowed to 'touch' for the photo. Dont' they just look very much in love and happy together?

Xerraire Recommends Corner

A View from the Zoo
by Gary Richmond

Gary Richmond serves as a minister of single parents at First Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton, California. A former zoo veterinary assistant, he cared for a vast array of creatures at the Los Angeles Zoo. Gary is also the author of Successful Single Parenting. He and his wife, Carol, have three grown children.


Ever wonder what it was like to be an assisstant veterinarian to the Los Angeles Zoo? After reading this book, I can tell you its both hilarious and sad.

Gary Richmond has many amusing and sad stories to tell, and he sure kept me captive in this book.

It's very easy to appreciate his style of writing. He takes
illustrations from the animals and applies them to every day Bible principles, and lessons learned.

Along with his view of the llamas, the cheetahs, the antelopes, he has a few interesting insghts to human beings. I have also used this book with my children as a devotional during school.

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